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308/7.62 x 51mm - Ammo For Sale
600 items . Barnaul .308/7.62x51mm NATO, rifle, 140 .308 Winchester Brown Bear 140 Grain SP 2765 fps 20 Round box . MFS .308 (7.62x51 mm) 140 - gr.


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BARNAUL - JSC – Barnaul Machine – Tool Plant.
The Barnaul- based joint- stock company "BSZ" is one of the largest production . FMJ and FMJ BT bullets have a more refined and superior ballistic shape, which . 7.62x39 SP: 7.562x39 FMJ: 7.62x51 M.308 Win SP: 7.62x51 M.308 Win FMJ: .