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.303 Lee-Enfield Britain's classic battle rifle. - Free Online Library
The .303 round eventually settled upon had a drawn brass case and . The grooved fore-end was secured by a combination of screws and barrel . 1. the part of the face supported by the maxillae and nasal bones; the part of a . The Mk IV had a metal cup inserted in the bullet's nose, while the Mk III had its cavity exposed.


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Printable Catalog - 2011 September Dallas Signature NRA Firearms ...
33388, Spanish Reproduction Flintlock Pistol by Jukar. Serial no. 0038138 . Straight grained hardwood stock with checkered pistolgrip and fore-end. Sling swivels . Enfield parts usually original in these Rifle Factory Ishapore arms. Wood has . Right side of wrist plate reads,"[crown]/G.R.I./1944/No. 1 MKIII." Importer's .